About For One Life www.foronelife.orgEVERY LIFE HAS A STORY.

Every life paints its own picture. Every life dreams big dreams. Rich or poor, young or old, every life has a face. From the beggar to the king, every life wants to be loved and wants to have purpose. At the end of the day, we aren’t that different. Though there are different languages, different cultures, and different religions, we are all humans with joys and sorrows. The only difference is some can control their destiny while others can’t. Some have been blessed beyond measure, while a small child in India can’t afford to go to school and struggles to even to survive in life. Sometimes life seems so unfair. We ask why but no answer comes clearly. We think we must set out to change the world and set things in order, but we don’t know where to begin. The need is so great… and overwhelming, that most of  time, we do nothing.


We can make a difference. You can make a difference. While one person can’t change the world, we must all do our part and do the one thing we can do. Imagine a painting, where with every stroke of the brush, the artist is creating a masterpiece. You don’t represent the entire painting, but you represent a small, and a very important and vital, part of the painting. Without you doing your part in the painting, the picture would not be complete. You are doing your part in creating a masterpiece.

FOR ONE LIFE was born with that in mind. We aren’t trying to change the entire world. There will always be an orphan or a child without a home. But we refuse to sit on the sidelines and be a fan from the grandstands. We will get on the field and do the one thing we can do and be part of the masterpiece that the artist is creating.

FOR ONE LIFE is a non-profit organization that began with a group of young people traveling in India and seeing so many needs, but yet feeling so helpless to meet all those needs. The dream was born to get businesses, fundraising events, schools, churches, youth groups, and individuals involved in raising financial support. The main purpose of For One Life is to be the bridge to connect the financial support to the places where the needs are the greatest. For One Life representatives travel to India and other countries frequently, and pick out projects like schools, youth centers, and orphanages, where there is a need. Donors will be kept up to date on the progression of the project they are supporting with periodic updates and pictures. Logo Tilted 300x300If interested, donors will also have opportunity to travel to the location of the project they are supporting and see it first hand, and possibly be there for the dedication and opening ceremonies of the project.

If you as an individual, business owner, youth group, church, or school are interested in partnering with For One Life, we would love to discuss current and future projects that may be of interest to you. You can give a one time donation, monthly/quarterly donations, or anything you feel comfortable with. Tax receipts will be given for all donations and 100% of donations will go toward the project you choose to help sponsor.

Thank you in advance for your support and for doing the one thing you can do to make a difference in that one life… all made possible by one Life, one Man, Jesus Christ.