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The For One Life Cafe, that is currently under construction in North East India, will be a place where the local young people can come and hang out, enjoy a cup of coffee, catch a soccer game on one of the TVs, or enjoy some live music.

Young people in this area of India are very talented, especially in music and sports. Unfortunately, since the area is fairly remote and lacks good basic facilities, there are not many places for their talents to be nurtured. There are very few places for them to hang out. Many of them turn to drinking and drugs just for something to do.

Last year, as a few members of the For One Life team were discussing this problem, the idea was born to create a positive place for young people of this area to hang out, have fun, and enjoy themselves, but in a positive and wholesome environment.

The For One Life Cafe will be just that kind of place. The cafe will feature live music nights, TVs to watch sporting events, and other activities geared toward young people. It will be located in a building on one of the main streets of the town.

We are hoping to open the cafe by mid-December, 2014, but we need your help. 

The building itself it paid for. But we need to furnish it. We need tables, chairs, stools, a stove, and a refrigerator. You can be a part of making this happen! Check out our Fundly campaign at, and pray about how you can help. Be sure to watch the short video about the project. Let’s do this together!

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