Children’s Retreat Churachandpur (CRC) is a  five-day VBS-style children’s ministry program in the North East India town of Churachandpur.


Children's Retreat ChurachandpurThe Story

For a number of years, members of the For One Life board had the dream of holding a children’s ministry program in the town of Churachandpur. There are lots of children in the town, and For One Life already had a connection with some of the local schools through building projects that were done there. The first CRC was held in January of 2014 on the campus of the North Eastern Children’s Home. Sixteen young people from the United States made the trip to India to be a part of the retreat. Since it was the first time anything like this had ever been done in this area, it was difficult to know what to expect. All the planning was done with 1,000 children in mind. The temporary hall was designed to accommodate 1,000 children, t-shirts were printed for 1,000 children, and refreshments were planned for 1,000 children.Children's Retreat Churachandpur

On the first day 1,100 children showed up! The staff scrambled to go out and get more refreshments, more candy, etc. On the second day, around 1,300 children came. Again, the staff had to go purchase more refreshments. This scene repeated itself every day of the retreat, and by the last day, almost 2,000 children attended! The retreat started at 10:30 each morning, but by 9:00 excited children would start arriving. The anticipation and excitement in the children was amazing.

A youth service was also held each evening and included worship, led by a local worship team, and teaching from members of the American team.

The 2015 Children’s Retreat Churachandpur saw even more growth. The highest attendance in one day was well over 2,000, and almost 3,000 children attended at some point during the week!

CRC 2016

In January of 2016, the third children’s will be held. Anticipation is high among the local children. Another team of eighteen from the United States will be coming to help out. Over 2,000 t-shirts are being prepared to hand out to the children.

Children's Retreat ChurachandpurThere will be singing, games, drama, teaching, and of course, refreshments. Along with the group from the States, a team of local volunteers will be assembled to help manage the children.

How You Can Be Involved

A project like this incurs a significant cost. The temporary hall and sound system are rented from local companies. Then there are the refreshments and t-shirts for over 2,000 children. Buses are hired to transport children from the villages that are farther out. You can donate by clicking on the link to right. And you can pray. The future potential of a group of children this size is amazing, and that makes a ministry event like this all the more important. Pray that the lives of the children who come to CRC 2016 would be forever changed for the glory of God.