Life Cafe For One Life THE STORY

Why a cafe? How does that fit into the mission of For One Life?

Life Cafe is one of our community development projects. In the area where Life Cafe is located in North East India, there are not many restaurants. There are very few places for young people to hang out, especially in the evenings. Drinking and drugs are a huge problem among the young people of this area.

The goal of Life Cafe is to provide a positive place for young (and old) people to have a good time, but in a good way. Many talented musicians and singers live in this area, and music is an integral part of the culture. Life Cafe’s weekly “Live Music Thursdays” is a big hit. On most Thursday evenings, the cafe is packed with people enjoying the music and food.

Many of the young people of the area are talented athletes and very interested in sports. The HD TVs in Life Cafe give them a place to hang out and watch sporting events.

The food and beverages are a combination of local favorites and international cuisine. In the summer, ice cream is one of the bestsellers. Life Cafe is the only place in the entire town that serves pizza.

The cafe also hosts and English Worship Service every Sunday afternoon, and provides much needed jobs to around 12 local people.



The local economic situation in North East India does not allow for much of a disposable income. Keeping our prices low enough to be affordable for the average person and paying the staff decent wages is a tough balancing act.

While the intention of the cafe is not necessarily to make a profit, the goal is to, at a minimum, break even. After being open for just over a year, that goal has not yet been realized, but, it’s getting closer.

Any donations made toward the Life Cafe project will be used for the day to day operations of the cafe.

We see this unique way of ministry as a tool to reach out and make connections with the local people.

Life Cafe