The Story…

This project is a Bibles For The World (Partnership Mission) school in the Northeast India state of Assam. Bibles For The World has been running the Muolhoi School for the past several years. The school has been a tremendous blessing  to the local community.

For One Life, Muolhoi P. M. School Building, Partnership Mission, For One LifeMuolhoi village has a population of 6,000 people, and the neighboring town of Halflong has a population of almost 40,000. The demand for good education in the area is very high.

The Muolhoi School currently has just over 300 students, but there are many, many more children who want to attend. The problem is space. Built on the side of a slope, the current school facility has very limited classroom space, and even less playground space.

Bibles For The World was recently able to purchase almost five acres of land for a new school building. The site has space for a new building, along with plenty of space for a nice playground. Plans are being developed for a two story school building that could accommodate 800 – 1000 students.

Currently, the Muolhoi school is only able to offer kindergarten to tenth grade. For quite some time, the people of the village have been asking Bibles For The World to upgrade the school to offer eleventh and twelfth grades. The new facility would be able to fulfill that need, and as a direct result of that, more of the children of Muolhoi could go on to college and get better jobs.

Our goal is to raise the funds needed to make the new school building a reality for the people of Muolhoi. This is one of the largest projects we are involved in, and we are looking for numerous businesses to come along side us and support this project.

Ground-breaking for this project took place in February of 2013, and the building will begin later this year. FOR ONE LIFE’s Michael Esh had the opportunity to be a part of the ground-breaking ceremony. You can read his blog report by clicking here.


The Muolhoi School is a Bibles For The World project. Bibles For The World is an organization that has built hundreds of churches and many schools in Northeast India, and provides education to thousands of children through its network of schools.